Extended Use Pack

The extended pack was put together to allow the PRESENTER system to be used  for longer times between charges and also provide solar charging as an option.

Extended  Pack Includes The Following

Carry Bag

Light weight carry bag for easy transport on airplanes as carry-on baggage.

System Tripod

Collapsible tripod expands up to 48″ to support the PRESENTER  Portable Presentation System.

Dual Battery Pouch

Attachable battery pouch allows two batteries to be used at once to provide extended play time between charges.

27W Solar Charger

27 Watt solar battery charger with 5.5×2.1mm DC output plus two  5V USB charger outputs.

100W Battery & Connector Cables

100 watt rechargeable battery, A/C charger, DC auto charger, powercable extensions, and DC connector cables.

Accessory Pricing


Complete Package    $297

System Tripod   $65

Spare 100W Battery    $75


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