Do You Dream of taking those Wow Keepsake Photos?

Do you want to know the Secrets of capturing those special moments forever?

So What’s Holding You Back?


Maybe you are like Joan.

Joan sat in the dark auditorium and watched her daughter’s dance recital with her camera in hand. She was not allowed to use her flash, so none of her photos turned out at all. Yet just a few seats away, a Mom was working her low-light techniques on her camera to take pro-quality…forever-to-be-treasured photos. Photos to be passed on to grandchildren some day.

Or are you like John?

John  had just purchased his DSLR Nikon camera to capture his son playing baseball. However, John couldn’t adjust his settings correctly to get the freeze action of his son running the bases. With the camera set on Automatic the photographs always turned out blurred.

Mary wanted to photograph birds.

Mary always had bird feeders outside. When she bought a new camera she decided it would be nice to try and photograph some of her bird visitors. Easier said than done. She had no clue how to do this. The Automatic settings on the camera never gave her the desired results.

Linda wanted to be more creative.

Linda is out with her girlfriends and wants to get some awesome photographs in a sunflower field. Every time she takes the picture into the sun, the subject just appears as a silhouette. Linda needs to find out about fill lighting and how to use it to highlight her subject.

Do You See Yourself Here?

You, like many people, may be afraid of your camera. You are overwhelmed by all the dials and buttons. You feel that it is too complicated to master. So you keep your camera on automatic and never maximize your opportunities.  Or you leave your camera in the box – or the store window – and go back to another blah smartphone shot

No Longer.

Help Is Here. Today. Right Now.

Mickey Estes, an Award Winning Professional Photographer – with 40 Years of experience in photography is here to your rescue. His award-winning photos have been viewed, purchased, and downloaded thousands of times on the web.

Now he is here to share with you his

Secrets of Great Photography.

This training started in classrooms with personal instruction.  Mickey has taken feedback from his students and finetuned every facet of the training. Now for the first time, he has compiled an animated slide show to take you through the same powerful training – in the privacy of your own homeand at your own pace.

And, unlike some online courses which require you to log on to their sites for viewing, this course is yours to keep and may be viewed over and over as you

perfect your skills.

What Do You Get?

Video 1: The Camera

Video 2: Terms & Definitions

Video 3: Exposure

Video 4: Image

Video 5: Light

Video 6: Focus & Metering

Video 7: Composition Rules

Video 8: Perspective & More

Just a few Screen Shots from the 375 slides of Photography Training

What Will You Learn?

About The Camera

Learn how your camera works and how to manually set controls

Terms & Definitions

Learn Photography Terms and Definitions

Exposure Triangle

Learn all about exposure rules and how to use them in composing your photograph

The Image

Learn all about the image, the size and format, how the sensor works, and more


Lighting is the most important part of Photography. Learn about light and how to properly apply it to achieve the perfect photograph

Focus & Metering

If it’s not in focus then all is wasted. Learn about focus and metering technique


Learn photo composition rules and how to apply them to your subject.


It’s all in how you see it. Learn how to change your perspective and capture a view that wows your audience
  • Learn how to use Camera Controls
  • How to set Shutter Speed and Aperture
  • How to take Action Shots
  • How to Blur Waterfalls
  • Learn Exposure Rules
  • What is Fill Light and How to Use It
  • Post Processing and Cropping Images
  • How to Take the Perfect Portrait
  • Learn about Depth of Field
  • How to control Backgound Appearance
  • What is Lens Compression
  • Which Lens to use
  • How to Focus and Meter using Focus Lock
  • Learn Composition Rules
  • Getting the right Perspective
  • Backyard Bird Photography

What Are People Saying?

“A lot of information in the course, but it is explained in a way I could understand. I never was comfortable taking my camera off of I can with great results”

A.L. Rome, NY

“One of the best instructional videos I have come across. I am learning things I did not know about shooting with my digital camera. In the future I will use them as a reference when needed.”         

P. Stonney, Roswell GA

“Never thought I could master photography until I took this course. It changed the way I take photographs. Easy to understand and the exercises were very useful.”

L.P. Marietta,GA

How Do You Get All Of This?

Most professional Photography Courses, besides being online exclusively, cost upwards of $1000 for the information you’ll receive in this package. And you will be able to replay your course again and again as you learn.

Right now, for a limited time, you may purchase the complete course with 375 animated slides and audio for a reduced price.

So What’s Included in the Bundle? 

This Course is an Amazing Deal on its own, but we are generous people, so…

You’ll Receive Two Free Bonuses.