Quality Photograph Packets

 You’ve heard the old saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this has never been truer than it is today in our fast-moving, visual society. People are drawn to what catches their eye. So photographs are some of the key aspects of your online ministry. Yet quality photographs can be very expensive, and it’s important to acquire the right to use the photographs before they appear on your website or in your printed material. (People have been sued for thousands of dollars for using photographs illegally).

Hence, these Quality Photograph Packets to use as you wish. All photographs were taken by Mickey Estes and have been sized and edited with special effects. All photographs have had file compression done on them to minimize the file size.

There are two basic format sizes presented. Images to be used in Header Layouts and Images to be used in Photo Inserts for blogs or web pages.


Photograph edited for HEADER. File sizes are 1200x300 pixels or 1200x375 pixels. Some photographs will have special effects applied.


Photograph edited for INSERTS.  In most cases images will be presented in several sizes. Typical File sizes are 1200, 800, 300 pixels on the long side. Others will be large format and 1/2 large format.  Some photographs will have effects filters applied.

FILE COMPRESSION   -   Why You Need It

Why is File Compression Important. The SIZE of your photograph file will greatly help or hinder the SPEED of your website. Compression is a way to make file sizes much smaller without losing significant image quality. Above is comparison between uncompressed and compressed photographs. (15x Size Reduction without appreciable loss of quality)

APPLIED FILTERS  -   Examples of Applied Filters to Photographs

Applying filter effects to photography can yield some interesting looks. Many times filters add Artistic flare.

All the photography packets are priced considerably below the market value (Just Look Below For Comparisons) because we want these to be a blessing to the user. To go to the viewing page click on the button at the top of the page or below this section. Blessings from the SOAR network.

COST COMPARISON  -  Just Pulled These Prices Off The Internet

These are spot check prices pulled from the internet. Prices may change and coupons may apply to alter piece price. These prices are just listed as examples.

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