Starting a Blog is easier than you think.

Here are the basic steps.

1. You need to decide which of the blogging websites you wish to use.

We recommend and  

The differences between the two go like this. 

(Additional training is available in theSOAR Store under Tutorials) will host your site and make it a lot easier for your startup. This option can be absolutely free, if you don’ mind having your web address be (If you choose, you may have your personal address for about $15.00 per year. Then it would be   This platform makes it easy to have a website, but you are limited as to how your site will look and you can’t sell anything from there. This is just for a simple blog.   If you choose this option, then decide your domain name, and go to to get started. has much more to offer and is the platform which is used by many major businesses all over the globe. There are many themes you can use to have a distinctive look – and really you can do just about anything you would like from this site. There are many “plugins” (think apps), which will provide a wide variety of features. is free, just like its cousin. However, if you choose this option, you will definitely need to obtain your own domain and you will need to sign up with a hosting site. Both of these cost money.   It’s more complicated to work with, but there are tutorials available to help you along the way.   Some people like to start with the first option and gravitate toward this one as they gain confidence online.    

2.  Choose and Purchase Your Domain Name.

Your domain name is your URL, or your web address. That’s the name which people will type into the search bar in order to reach your website, and you need to think about this very carefully. A few years ago, most gurus advised that you find out phrases which are being searched for, and choose a name accordingly. For instance, if you found that many people were searching for Bible stories, you might choose, and have your site pop up when people are searching, thus getting some to come to your site. What is important is that you think of a name which will indicate what you find important about your mission. Or you choose your own name. Just make it something easy to remember. Whatever you choose, remember that there are no spaces. It will read   (or .org, or .net, or .biz, or .many other suffixes). When people put that into their search bar or click on it, they will be taken to your website.  

3.  Decide Your Host.

Remember that your host is the company which stores all of your information. When someone types your URL into their search bar, your hosting company loads your website onto their computer or smartphone. That’s how they get access to your website.                                 

We have a definite recommendation for a hosting company. We have had the opportunity to use several, and one stands out from the rest.   The customer service of this company is unsurpassed. They are on call around the clock by telephone or chat, and they are very helpful communicators.  

For Christians, there is one more plus. This hosting company will not allow pornography or other adult material to be hosted on their servers.   Finally, Bluehost  speed and other features far surpass most other hosting companies.   We recommend  with no reservations.    

So that's it, for starters.

If you choose to go with, go to that site, and the process will be pretty obvious. If you choose to go with, decide on a domain name, and go to  Register your domain name and sign up for a website.   Go to Cpanel, and click “Install Wordpress” in the Website panel. Then click “Install” under do it yourself. (There will be offers for assistance, but that shouldn’t be necessary).  

At first, your site will look very incomplete, but open the Dashboard (at the top left corner of the screen) and you can change everything you want. First you go to “Appearances/ Themes”, and you may choose a theme quickly. (Don’t worry about this too much right now, because you can change themes very easily as you get comfortable with Wordpress).   Load the theme and click on “Settings” to add your Title and Tagline (your subtitle). Then you can go to “Posts” and write your first Blogpost.

You are ready for the world to read what you have to say!   So you have begun your journey. If you feel unsure about it, don’t worry. So did everyone who ever started this journey. Before you know it, you will be navigating around your site with confidence and ease.   If these terms are unclear, check out the beginner’s glossary in WordPress, a Tremendous Gift.  

If you would like to have a more complete tutorial, you may view the Wordpress Tutorials – eight short videos mentioned above which explain the process: Beginner’s Guide to Wordpress. These were done by a man who has installed many websites and can lead you through the process quite easily.  

You can do this!

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