Do you like building with Legos? Several members of our family absolutely love doing this. Two of our grandsons have been in Lego clubs after school – and even attended Lego robotic camps at Georgia Tech. Others have been known to stay up until 2 o’clock am putting the finishing touches on their projects. And one more Lego kit is always a smart choice for a gift.

I can think of the many times I have watched one of our young children as they built a tower. Up, up, up they would go…until everything came crashing down. Their eyes would show the disappointment, and then…they would do it again… And this would continue until they were willing to listen to the wise teachings of their elders. You have to have a foundation.

One of the first things a Lego builder has to learn is that foundation is ultra important. If  you are constructing a tower, going high before you go wide is disaster in the making.

We talked in an earlier post about the importance of people being able to trust you in business or in your relationships. Whether you are a minister, a business person, parent, or spouse, trust is essential for your success. It is the foundation of your success in life.

Okay, enough about how much you need it. How do you gain the trust of others?

That is a question which takes some thought. Trust is never something we have granted to us. It seems that most people tend to give others the benefit of the doubt and extend an element of trust at the outset of their relationship. Yet this endowment of trust is not what you need to have successful endeavors. You need the kind of trust which is earned through having your character displayed again and again under many circumstances.

It requires time and consistency. Meaning what you say. Doing what you promise. Honesty and integrity.

These are like the the widening elements of your foundation. The more you demonstrate your honesty and integrity, the more you give breadth to your trust factor. And this takes time.

We have all seen businesses and individuals who over the years have developed great, loyal followings. When you take a close look at these, there has been a reputation of trustworthiness which has increased along the way.

So your job – and mine – is to day by day and block by block build that foundation. We mean what we say and say what we mean. We are honest and fair in our delivery. Our word is good, and our work is dependable.

Over time we build a foundation which will support even the  largest of businesses.

Ah, sweet success!