Are you attempting to earn the trust of someone and not getting very far? The reason for this could be that you don’t even trust yourself. The way you portray yourself to others has a lot to do with trust, respect and sincerity.

During the years my husband and I pastored a church, we learned a lot about unbridled human nature. On Sunday morning almost everyone looks great. They smile, praise the Lord, speak cordially to everyone, and charm their way into and out of the door. During a Thursday morning conference, these same people can look like different folks.

With the facade down, we see what is really going on – at home or at work.

Why is that so? I think that some people think that as long as they project a good image, all of their problems are being solved. Yet God knows what’s behind the facade, and so do they themselves.

Proverbs 23:7 says “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”

The person you think that you are is the person who will eventually be projected for all to see. You can’t continually suppress your feelings of shame and guilt. They will overtake you and leave you seeing yourself as untrustworthy. And when you see yourself as untrustworthy, you are in trouble. You will project that image for all to see. They will know that you are not to be trusted.

So what’s the remedy? It’s simple, really. First, be honest with yourself. Don’t try to cover up wrongdoings. Repent of them and turn back to God. His grace will help you to overcome those temptations.

Second, forgive yourself. Jesus went to the cross and was resurrected to deliver you from sin and to empower you to live this life the way He designed it. So take those hidden things to the cross, and leave them there. You will stand free and forgiven.

Third, walk in the new life you have been given. When you are a born again person, those hidden character flaws can be rooted out. Meditate on God’s Word concerning your issues. You are an overcomer by the grace of God and by His Word, so partake of the ability He has put within you to change what needs to be changed.

Now you are ready to meet the world with confidence and boldness. You trust yourself and others will trust you also. You will project to them the real you – one who is trustworthy.

And they will begin to trust you more.