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Four Week Bible Study with Study Questions.

  • Defeating the Giant of Fear
  • Fear is a Spirit
  • God’s Word is Your Answer
  • More Tactics for Defeating Fear


Nothing is Impossible with God


20 Images with Quotes for

Social Media

5 Week Bible Study to Help You Rekindle Your Heart for God May be Used for Blogs or Group Studies.

Includes Workbook/Journal for Implementation.

8 Articles for Blogs or Bible Studies: Faith and Be Strong

  • The Importance of Faith.
  • How to Keep our Faith
  • Stay Strong
  • Plus: Graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

8 Articles for Bible Studies or Blog Posts

  • Biblical Concepts to Help your Clients Live that Happy Life
  • Plus: Graphics for Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

4 Week Bible Study or Blog Posts

Women have to wear a lot of hats. These articles will inspire your clients to reach for God’s best. They will be motivated by Biblical concepts for living God’s life.

What Are Some of the Prayer Topics?

  • Getting to Know Our God
  • Understanding the Power of God’s Word
  • Through Faith, We Inherit God’s Promises
  • The Holy Spirit Helps Us Pray
  • Learning to Make Decrees


Three In Depth Lessons We Learn from the Israelites

  • The Israelites were Slaves, but God Delivered Them (Just Like Us: Before  and After Jesus)
  • God’s Hand was On Them, but Unbelief Kept them From Receiving God’s Best
  • Through Faith, We Inherit God’s Promises

Articles for You to Use in Christian Studies, Blog Posts and More

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Mayflower Compact
  • Early Universities
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Revolutionary War
  • The Constitution

Five Articles and Ebook: Why Choose Christianity  (This is a Great Evangelistic Tool for Marketplace Ministers)

  • Why Christianity?
  • What is This Born Again Business?
  • What Is the New Life Like?
  • What Makes Jesus Different?
  • Jesus Is the Life Changer


10 Articles to Help You Receive God’s Peace. May be Used for Blogs or Group Studies.

  • Are You Anxious? Here’s Help
  • Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be More Productive
  • No More Worry
  • How to Ask God, Knowing He’ll Answer
  • Keys to Appropriating God’s Peace
  • Guard Your Mind
  • And More

Five Week Bible Study or Blog Posts

  • Where Does Faith Come From?
  • Find the Word and Keep It
  • Do You Have Rocky Soil?
  • Do You Have Weeds in Your Garden?
  • A Noble and Good Heart Produces Abundance

5 Week Bible Study or Blog Posts

Teach Your Clients to Dig into God’s Word to Find Their Answers. They Will Come Away Understanding the Power of God’s Word and the Favor that Comes to Our Lives When We Put God’s Word First place.

Five articles and Graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest


God has given you a special message.

Is your message to Men? Women? College Students? Other Ministers? This FREE E-book will help you bring clarity to your message – and help you to take that message to others.

4 Weeks Bible Study or Blog Posts

  • Are You a Real Christian?
  • Are You an Extravagant Believer?
  • God is Speaking; Do You Hear Him?
  • Life’s Greatest Mystery

Proverbs “Practicals” Will Maximize Your Effectiveness 

5 Sessions on How to Realize Your God-Given Dreams

  • Why Keep Your Dreams Secret
  • What is the Dream that Scares You?
  • Journal Your Dreams
  • How Committed to the Path Are you?
  • Should You Celebrate Privately or Publicly

5 Session Training: Avoiding Bright Shiny Objects

  • How to Avoid Distractions which Make You Lose Your momentum
  • Learning to Focus on the Right Things
  • Increase Effectiveness

5 Session Training: Productivity Tips

  • Say No to Busy Work
  • Know Your Most Valuable Tasks
  • Email Productivity
  • Content Productivity
  • Social Media Productivity

5 Sessions to Help You and Your Staff Set Goals

  • Are YOu Goal-Focused?
  • Break your New Goal Into Steps
  • Make Room for Your New Goal
  • What Are You Fired Up to Focus on?
  • What Happens When You Meet Your Goal?

5 Sessions of Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • Are Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?
  • How to Recognize Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Where Do Self-Limiting Beliefs Come From?
  • Overcoming Self-Limitations to Grow Your Business or Ministry
  • Stepping Away from Self-Limiting Beliefs

E-Book to Help Your Staff with All of their Writing, Books, Brochures, Copy for Website.

61 Tips for Creating Content that Stands Out for People to Read.

 Start Your Own Bible Study Tip Sheet

Conducting a Bible Study or Prayer group is easier than you think. This booklet will guide you through the process. And the free resources o this site will help you to continue your plan.

 21 Tips to Overcome Procrastination 

These tips will help you to see where you are delaying your mission. How to face your obstacles and get started on your successful projects.

 Graphics Package: Encouragement

Graphics for Social Media. Encourage your followers to Find their place in God’s Great Kingdom

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