In 2017, while on a mission trip, Mickey Estes saw a great need.

Around the world there are many people who have never heard the gospel. Most of those people don’t speak English. Many are unable to read.

Obviously, audio and visual equipment would be the answer for these areas to hear messages in native languages or dialects.

But wait. There’s another problem. Many of these places have little or no electricity.

And then there is this…How is the equipment to be taken to these needy locations. Heavy, cumbersome equipment can’t easily be transported.

With this great need in mind, Mickey set about using his technical skills to find a solution. He began testing equipment. The Lord gave him 3Ps to use as a  design criteria for the portable presentation system: Performance, Power and Portabiltiy. With these in mind he began his quest. Projectors. Batteries. Speakers. Connections. Cords. Suitcases. Backpacks.

Many devices were purchased for testing. Sound, video quality, battery life were all screened and re-screened on item after item in order to come up with high quality – state of the art – equipment to solve the problem.

After nearly two years, the outcome exceeded expectations.

The PRESENTER includes the equipment necessary to take the Gospel and other messages to the most remote parts of the world.

And the design has additional benefits. The lightweight, compact backpack is easy to carry. It fits securely into overhead compartments of airplanes. Plus the high-quality lithium battery is TSA approved for carrying on board aircraft.

The PRESENTER is for remote areas…and more

The PRESENTER  is the perfect solution for short term mission trips in order to maximize ministry impact.

Church mission teams can be empowered to evangelize everywhere they go. With this high quality, light weight, easy-to-use equipment teenagers and adults alike can  have the satisfaction of empowering their missions.

Now Mickey and his team are busy at work beta testing the PRESENTER. Church mission teams  are assisting in taking the kits to many, varied places.

They build, paint, and garden during the day. At night, they quickly set up the PRESENTER and present the Gospel to an eager crowd.

Amazingly Light

Amazingly Light – only 17 pounds.  Easy to carry-on your journey.  Meets airline weight and size restrictions for carry-on luggage.

Amazingly Compact

Amazingly Compact. All you need in one backpack to produce awesome audio or video. Audiences of up to 300 can enjoy the benefits of this power packed kit.

Amazingly Simple

Amazingly Simple to set up. Mount the Projector, Audio Cable and Microphone to the Speaker, Power Cables to the Battery, insert your Media and you are ready for presentation. All cables and connections are color-coded for easy setup.

Amazingly Complete

Amazingly Complete. Projector, Power speaker, 2 Microphones, 100W TSA- Compliant battery and all accessories are nicely packed into a Water Resistant Heavy Duty Backpack.

-As we designed the PRESENTER system we became aware of recent TSA/DOT air safety regulations regarding the transportation of Lithium Ion Batteries on airplanes. Almost any portable presentation system that will play for over 1 hour require an external auxilary battery.

In all most all occasions these batteries are Lithium Ion batteries and come under strict rules regarding checked and carry on baggage. Spare Lithium Ion batteries are NOT allowed in any Check In baggage. They are only allowed in carry-on baggage without preapproval from the airlines if they are 100 Watt hours or less.

The spare battery in the PRESENTER Portable Presentation System meets TSA/DOT qualifications for carry-on baggage. The PRESENTER system is designed in size, weight and TSA regulations to be approved as carry-on baggage by most USA and International airlines.

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