0032- on15 - white-stork Stoicovici Victor - 800 -HIf you are a Christian, you have a message. Perhaps you have never thought about that  before, but it’s true. Stop and let that thought sink in for a moment. You have a message, and no one can deliver your message quite like you can.

Maybe your message is your story (your testimony) of how Jesus has impacted your life. And maybe you want to share it with a small circle of friends. Or maybe, as you grow in the Lord, you find yourself being drawn toward a special group of people. Teens, young adults, women, men, couples, ministers, or…you get the point. As you reach out to these people, there are certain things you would like to share with them. Your heart beats with the pain that’s in their heart, and your spirit becomes full of the answers they need to hear.

Some of you, as you grow, will want to reach out to large numbers, and today there are many opportunities to do just that. In days past, reaching the masses through any means was costly and complicated, but not now. In days past, ministers had to travel many  expensive miles and rent facilities at great cost in order to reach people far away. Or they had to purchase radio or television time – also at great cost in order to get their message out.

Those means of delivery are still wonderful for people who can afford such luxuries. Yet not everyone can afford to travel the miles for crusades or to appropriate the funds for television ministry. And even for those who can afford such, there is an unprecedented way to enhance their efforts. God has provided an array of wonderful technology which is blessing people of every generation – and in almost every culture.

Today, through the internet – and other aspects of the digital world – we can reach people in the most remote parts of the world – and at a cost which is unbelievably low. So we have a challenge before us. We want to hone our skills of writing, podcasting, and videography.

You might be saying, “Okay, got it. But where do we start?” I would say that the easiest place to start is to set up a website and begin a blog. You can write things which are on your heart, or you can do a video blog. On this site you can find out how to accomplish these things. They are very low cost and even fun to do.

We have a lot to do in this day and hour, so I know that you’ll join us in covering the world with God’s word. Whether you want to write books and blogs, start an audio program, or take your message to video, we are here to help.

Together we can do this!